Who Left This Server On, for 19 Years?

On the most recent episode of ATP, John Siracusa referenced once of his early Mac OS X reviews. This prompted me to revisit his review of the Mac OS X public beta, as the evolution of computer interfaces is something that I find fascinating. In one of his screenshots, he shows the Ars Technica home […]

AirPods: now less disposable

An Apple announcement from WWDC 2020: To reduce battery aging, AirPods learn from your daily charging routine so they can wait to finish charging past 80% until you need to use them I have long speculated that the reason AirPods are much more disposable when compared to other Bluetooth devices is that fact that their […]

My First Smartwatch, Aged 11

As someone who is fascinated by technology and its societal impact, I often think back to the first piece of technology I remember owning as a child: A Casio Telememo 50 digital watch (photo from the Argos catalog I would have ordered it from). Back in 1996, the idea of storing phone numbers on your […]


I’ve always thought the term “robot” to be a pointless one. We don’t call our washing machines robots, so why would we call any other machine that isn’t anthropomorphised a robot?