There is no such thing as “Common Sense”

Linda Geddes writing for New Scientist: You are most likely to catch the SARS-CoV-2 virus by spending a long time near an infected person in an enclosed space. Researchers in Guangzhou, China, examined how the virus was transmitted between 347 people with confirmed infections and the people they had contact with. They found that the […]

Why Zoom and not FaceTime?

Bradley Chambers writing on 9to5Mac: The rise of Zoom could be the headline for the 2020 technology scene. Zoom has replaced classrooms, board meetings, concerts, and even some low budget sporting events. What I find interesting about Zoom is how it took off for video communications while we had other services that were better in […]

Running metrics on Apple Watch

The Apple Watch allows the information displayed while running to be customised. You can either choose to show a single metric at a time and swipe through them app, or you can choose to see multiple metrics, of which you can choose up to 5. You don’t need to fill up all 5 slots however, […]

Microsoft Edge is Finally Very Good

For a software company, Microsoft has an inconsistent track record when it comes to actually producing decent software. I can only imagine a lot of this may stem from internal politics and design by committee. Their failure to piece together a decent web browser over the last decade was starting to become down right embarrassing […]

The Little Things: Headphone Audio Levels

One of things like enjoy about iOS is the attention to detail and inclusion of features that few people would think to ask for, but that vastly improve our quality of life. One such thing is the ability to keep track of audio levels of your headphones over time. If you are using headphones that […]

AirPods Pro

I’ve had the AirPods Pro for just over two months now, so I’m posting my thoughts in the hope that someone might find it useful to get a ‘normal’ person’s review. By ‘normal’, I mean someone isn’t a technology reviewer by profession, and so doesn’t receive the latest gadgets on a weekly basis, and as […]